Our History

Eugene Higgins, Founder of Electroline, Inc.In September of 1979, Eugene “Gene” Higgins opened the doors at Electroline, Inc – a local distributor of electrical wire, cable and specialty products. Electroline’s customer base grew steadily as paper, mining, manufacturing and construction/contractor companies became familiar with their offerings. In the 1990s, the company added power protection and IT precision cooling, triggering significant growth as a value-added reseller of these critical infrastructure tools and services into the 2000s.

In 1988, as a means to research expansion of Electroline’s focus, a market survey was conducted. Results showed need in the data communications field and, subsequently, Electroline Data Communications Inc., or EDCi, was born. In 1989, Glenn Higgins took over as president of the EDCi/Electroline companies and focused on growth and evolution towards becoming an enterprise-wide solutions provider.

Our Commitment

At Electroline, we commit to providing High Nines Reliability to all of our clients. This means you can expect 99.99999% system availability, or close to zero downtime, for mission critical applications. Each of the five power reliability needs – availability, protection, conversion/distribution, precision air conditioning and monitoring/service – must be met individually and integrate faultlessly.

  • Power Availability – System reliability depends on the continuity of power and the ability to ride through outages of any duration. We work with you to design your power to ensure continuous reliability.
  • Power Protection – Utility power is often far too dirty for sensitive systems, resulting in unexpected software glitches or even hardware damage. In these situations, surge suppression and power conditioning can deliver the power quality you need.
  • Power Conversion/Distribution – The right power distribution system for a microprocessor-controlled stamping press is very different than what is required for a room of PCs. We work with you to create a custom power distribution system that fits your business.
  • Heat Removal/Precision Air Conditioning – Precision air conditioning, specialized enclosures and rugged remote protection can assure system uptime against the threats of overheating conditions. Our precision cooling solutions ensure the right temperature is maintained at all times.
  • Monitoring/Service  – The ability to continuously monitor what is happening with your critical equipment – and taking preventative actions to keep that protective “envelope” at peak operation efficiency – are vital to system reliability. Our monitoring and software solutions keep you informed of vital information at all times.

Our Values

Our core values define the way we work. They constantly guide our interactions and decision making in everything we do at Electroline.

Never Stop Caring

Delighting our customers – both internal and external – is job number one. We are determined to be the best at what we do. We are proud of the Electroline brand and what it stands for and that pride will shine through in all we do.

Embrace Challenges

We pour our hearts and minds into our work and are people of action. We are intellectually curious and learn from our mistakes and successes in equal measure. We work across boundaries and break down barriers in pursuit of the best solutions.

Rise to the Occasion

We are responsible and accountable for our actions … and our inactions. We embrace the notion that it starts with us.

Always be Honest and Respectful

We are honest, hardworking people that act with integrity. We say what we mean and do what we say. We have the courage to face the truth and do the right thing. We treat our clients and coworkers with respect.