Keep Your Electronics Safe & Running with Liebert® PSA5 UPS

Power surges and sudden power loss can significantly damage your electronics, so it’s important to be prepared. A power strip only offers protection from sudden power loss, not surges. The Liebert PSA5 UPS provides a stronger and more reliable power source that is designed to protect your home and business electronics from brownouts, blackouts, and voltage drops. The PSA5 Energy Star Certified UPS is an economical line-interactive battery backup designed with features that provide reliable power protection.

Work From Home – Stay Online

Best suited for those working from home and anyone in the education, retail and wholesale, professional services, and entertainment business. The Liebert PSA5 UPS is perfect for protecting desktop computers, WiFi routers, surveillance systems, A/V equipment, workstations and monitors, and gaming consoles!

Available in 500VA, 700VA, 1000VA, 1500VA, and 120AC with 10 total outlets and a built-in UBS device charging port. The Liebert PSA5 UPS has an excellent 3-year full unit coverage (including a no hassle battery replacement warranty as well.)

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