Celebrating 40 Years with Lori Verhagen

Earlier this year, Lori celebrated 40 years with Electroline and EDCi! We are so thankful for the role she has played in helping create the company we are today. Join us as we look back and reflect on the last[read article]

Protect Your Data Center from Mother Nature

As the weather gets nicer and the sun begins to shine a bit brighter, it’s important to think about summer storms and their potential impact on our data centers. Data centers are the backbone of modern infrastructure, housing critical data[read article]

Celebrating Data Center Day – March 20th, 2024

In recent years, data centers have undergone a profound transformation. What were once isolated server rooms confined to on-premises locations have now evolved into hubs of connectivity and innovation. As we celebrate Data Center Day, we’ll explore modern data centers,[read article]

Battery Backup for Desktop UPS

Looking for battery backup for your computer, monitor, router, modem, gaming console or other small electronics? We’ve got the battery just for you! The Vertiv Desktop UPS is an economical and reliable choice that protects your equipment and keeps you[read article]

Small Site UPS Upgrade and Replacement Options

Continuity, according to the Merriam Webster dictionary, is the uninterrupted connection, succession or union or the uninterrupted duration or continuation, especially without essential change. Let’s imagine that our business applications and operations ran on complete continuity. No need to pretend,[read article]

Which Type of UPS Should I Buy?

Looking to upgrade your UPS systems? Either way, here are a few items you need to consider when asking yourself, “Which type of UPS should I buy?” 1. How Much Power Does Your Equipment Require? Your UPS should be able[read article]

Why Old Equipment is Harming Your Business

As the new year slowly loses its resolution-focused mantra, businesses tend to go back to their old ways of operating using outdated equipment. You’ve heard it time and time again, the right technology can increase productivity, sales and provide a[read article]