How Critical Power Can Protect Your Business

It does not matter the size of your business, when the power goes out you’ve got problems. As a business leader and decision maker it is your job to ensure maximum ROI no matter what the circumstance. While it is not always top of mind, power outages (or surge damages) can put a halt on everyday business operations. According to the 2017 Data Health Check Survey, 35% of businesses are completely unaware of the financial implications of outages. Of those who are aware, most significantly underestimate the true cost. The Ponemon Institute stated the average cost of unplanned downtime for 2016 was $8,850 per minute. Can you afford an outage?

Power protection systems are too often reactionary expenditures. Instead of taking the chances of data loss and damaged equipment, it’s important to take preventive measures with a UPS systems.

UPSs, also known as “Uninterruptable Power Systems” protect devices against power outages, sudden surges and dips that systems may experience for a number of reasons. The name itself implies that the system will keep devices up and running with its uninterrupted source of power. UPSs operate differently than generators as UPSs provide near-instantaneous protection and they allow the most critical pieces of IT to shut down safely.

Sudden power loss can be a damaging event for any business. The first step in power protection is determining which type of UPS is acceptable for your business size and goals. No business is immune to an outage and no equipment is immune to damage. One way to save yourself time and money is to install a power protection system. If you have questions about which UPS will work for your facility, contact our rep, Kris Reising.